Sharp Ace Contractors - Lack of Timeliness and Quality

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I hired Sharp Ace Contractors to renovate two bathrooms, kitchens, and refinish the floor throughout my duplex.Among the many issues that I had throughout the project, and the fact that the project took 6 months to complete, the final walk through of the project was atrocious.

They left behind a huge amount of scrap wood in my basement and back yards. Also they left 6 contractor sized bags trash along with two boxes of trash in front of my house. A garage door that was not broken before is now broken. They left gaping holes in my nicely cemented (previous owner had work done) basement ceiling.

They installed mismatched finishes of the Delta fixtures that were purchased. There are gaps in the grouting for the tile work. The door frames that were suppose to install were not installed properly. There is a gap in corner the baseboard of my cabinets.

They also installed a double switch in my backsplash--with one of the switches not connecting to any electrical work.

This company lacks pride in their workmanship.Hire at your own risk.

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Yo, This Tone.Why you tryna play the company out Sophia?

You asked us to leave scrap materials behind.

I work for this man and he tryna build a business.thats lame yo.


This article was brought to my attention by a dear friend of mine, Lorenzo Sharp.He started Sharp contracting with his son.

I have known Lorenzo for 40 years. Frankly, I am disgusted by what I just read. I have come to know Lorenzo as a man who is a master of his craft, and I am not just saying this because he is a dear friend. He has trained countless young men in the trade, and from my understanding, he continues to employ young at-risk men from the inner city, gives them a job and trains them in the trades.

He and his son are doing a great thing. *** the haters Renzo!!!

I have never known your work to be poor or however this person describe it.

The internet is a dangerous thing.I gives any nutjob a voice.


I have been in the business for over 25 years, I worked on this project as a sub contractor.And not only that, Sharp Ace has done work for me in the past.

To say that the project was "atrocious" is borderline criminal.I'd b surprised if the above comments don't lead to a lawsuit.

Sharp Ace Virtual Admin

I was present at the property days before the walk through and I also visited the property on many occasions during the project.This particular customer specifically requested that scrap wood and materials be left behind at the property.

Furthermore, to say that the property was in "atrocious" shape during the walkthrough is an insult to the profession.Especially considering that it passed the inspection of a consultant the customer hired to work on her behalf.

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